i was just watching the first part of a bbc documentary presented by stephen fry — out there — about what it means to be gay around the world today, and this bit struck me as very interesting. here stephen sits in on a meeting between a coach, who specialises in working with actors who want to tone down certain aspects of their behaviour and voice, and an actor who happens to be a former 90s boybander, and who is also gay.

#sometimes it’s people’s job to coach others in how to be less ”gay” #sometimes those people get taken by their management #because sometimes for them to achieve their full (monetary) potential #people have to hide who they are #and it’s very hard to hide who you are if your whole being is screaming the opposite thing to the person you’re meant to be #so sometimes you need ”help” #sometimes boybanders have to hide who they really love in order to make it work #even if said boybander’s band only go on to achieve very modest success #they still had to hide it #even to the point of not being able to be in certain places #or move their damn hair in a certain way #and i know #I KNOW #that this happened twenty-odd years ago #but can you honestly say things have changed that much? #we /saw/ how they tried to shove jaymi back in the closet #and he was 22 and in a long term relationship and had been out for years #its not so hard to shove someone back in who’d barely been out #and don’t even get me started on the psychological effects of this…. #nearly twenty years have passed and someone still can’t even cross their legs without worrying if it will give them away #even if to the outside observer it doesn’t mean a thing #just something to think about (via thisismyoneluckyprize)

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possibly the most realistic makeup tutorial I’ve ever seen. doesn’t make you hate yourself or your incompetence unlike most beauty gurus. 

this is exactly how i do my makeup. 

i liked this. 

I’ve been following Akilah for a couple of years and I adore her. sooo funny.

realistic as fuck

I don’t know why I watched a make-up tutorial, but I know why I’m reblogging it - it’s both super cute and funny

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#YouAndI #1DayToGo

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IF I STAY - Official Trailer
In Theaters August 22

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Harry & Louis || Satellite +

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beep beep boop

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April 15

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All-girl barber shop quartet nails it!

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Remember when Honey Maid released that “wholesome families” ad, featuring same-sex couples, parents with tattoos, biracial couples, and other general awesomeness? Conservatives were pissed. So Honey Maid did them one better and released another video, addressing the hateful and homophobic comments head-on. And now I’m crying. (via the Huffington Post)

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Behind the scenes of the behind the scenes

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"Tested" Promo

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im sorry


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