The 90s were a very difficult time for the obsessed fan. Do you all know how lucky you are with your wifi and your new fangled tumblr blogs? 

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one direction | to build a home

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OH MY GOD!!!!! I was literally holding my breath through this one!!! OMG OMG OMG… now THIS is how this season should have went!!! OMG… I just can’t… OH…….. MY………. GOD

Millions of sterek would have been so happy with this in canon.

Fuck you Jeff, seriously.

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What is love

Vine by: Esa Fungtastic

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harry & louis | a thousand more

thank you to all the artists who let me use their work !!

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Chris Colfer on fairy tales, fan fiction [Part 2]

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Tags: #Chris Colfer  #video  #babe you can not be getting squeamish about fanfiction when you LITERALLY write fanfiction  #tlos is the definition of FANFICTION because you didn't want the stories to end  #yes you are published and yes there are original charcters in your series but ff has that as well  #you can have your opinion and that is something everyone can have but please don't just say shit like this  #especially when you write FF as well  #it isn't that hard  #i understand not everyone understands the concept of ff let alone rpf - which is what you seem to have more issues with  #but as a 28 year old woman who has been reading and writing ff for more than 12 years now  #(like you were when you were 7 and made up these stories)  #i can guarantee that not every single one of us is a tween who thinks that glee is a ~documentary  #it's all well and good you bundling all of us into one category because it's easier for you to process or whatever  #but i have read stories both ff and rpf that people have written in this fandom that are better than even your novels  #better than the episodes themselves and better than a lot of the published novels i've seen like ever  #so please understand that it's not a weird fetish thing or that we're all tweens who have nothing better to do  #because it doesn't make you a better person than any of is  #so stop acting like it  #if you don't understand something either research about it TO understand - not have a misinfomed opinion  #or don't talk about it  #simple as that  #star rambles 

Chris Colfer on fairy tales, fan fiction [Part 1]

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Teen Wolf 4x05 “I.E.D.” Promo #2 (1080p HD)

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2:01 thanks louis

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New video for Nabisco of Harry juggling (x)

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Lightening Strikes 4.7.14

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jojobouvin: “Someone went ‘EUUUUUOUGHHH” #wwatour

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